Series 2 performed even better than Series 1: it rated consistently well for the network, achieving a 12.5% average of the critical 5+ audience. On average 522,600 people viewed Topp Country 2 each week.

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EPISODE ONE - FOR THE LOVE OF GOAT - Click here to watch Episode One On Demand

Lynda and Jools have a go at miking goats and making cheese with Kaikoura cheesmakers Daniel and Sarah Jenkins, they add some Jamaican flavour to a Curry goat and learn about feral goats that pose a huge problem for many NZ farmers. The Bowling Ladies prepare a tasty treat with Goats cheese and pineapple. 

Useful Links: Kaikoura Cheese / Three Little Birds Catering

EPISODE TWO - FOR THE LOVE OF FRUIT - Click here to watch Episode Two On Demand

Lynda and Jools explore the wonderful world of fruit. They meet Carolann Murray, a self-sufficient fruit preserver in the hills outside of Wellington, spend a beautiful day with Heather Cole and partner Andrew of Country Trading Co who own 140 different fruit trees and step into a magical paradise near Warkworth: Lothlorian Feijoa Winery - 100 acres of magic where children and adults run free and the organic feijoa wine runs even freer. 

 Useful Links: Country Trading Company / Self Sufficiency Store / Lothlorien Winery

EPISODE THREE - FOR THE LOVE OF THE EXOTIC - Click here to watch Episode Three On Demand

Lynda and Jools are in Whangaripo Valley to meet Phil & Annie Armstrong and their magnificent herd of water buffalo, they try the food of the future with a wild and whacky family leading the gastronomic bug movement in New Zealand, then they get up close and cuddly with the exotic Ostrich - these elegant birds lay the largest egg in the world and make a damn fine burger. 

 Useful Links: Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese / Kowhai Grove Ostrich

EPISODE FOUR - FOR THE LOVE OF SPICE - Click here to watch Episode Four On Demand

Lynda and Jools turn up the heat in this episode. They start in the Far North and meet a family growing the hottest chilis in the world where Lynda has a go with trying a Carolina Reaper, then they are off on a tongue-numbing, life changing experience with Tanah Dowdle and Freddie Sy of Gourmet Joy and finally they cook with one of the healthiest and tastiest spices in the world fresh from the garden at Russell Fransham Subtropicals.

 Useful Links: Fire Dragon Chillies / Gourmet Joy / Russell Fransham Subtropicals

EPISODE FIVE - FOR THE LOVE OF FLOWERSClick here to watch Episode Five On Demand

Lynda and Jools get light headed in the Graelynn lavender patch with Graeme and Carolyn Barrell, then onto a floral adventure with some wild flower fanatics from Wellington. To most it's rabbit food but this episode we're the guinea pigs. Then we get to smell the roses in Tasman Bay with the Pratt Family!Roses on mass like this make you feel giddy with joy and they taste great too. 

 Useful Links: Tasman Bay Roses 

EPISODE SIX - FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Click here to watch Episode Six on Demand

Lynda and Jools are at Ringawera on Waiheke Island where Paddy Griffiths and Hinemoa Elder have become famous for theirdelicious range of Ringawera bread. Then they get rhythmic with writer and comedian Deb Filler and her dad’ssweet and delicious Challah bread before hitting the beach in the far north with the fry bread queen of Kaitaia, Tash Kopae. Her and her gorgeous whanau are living the dream. 

 Useful Links: Ringawera Bread / Deb Filler

EPISODE SEVEN - FOR THE LOVE OF OUR BACKYARD - Click here to watch Episode Seven on Demand

Lynda and Jools are in Kawhia, with Lloyd and Hinga Whiu and their whanau who have been playing in this backyard for centuries, then they meet the green-fingered men from the Wairere Nursery - Harry Janssen and Lloyd Houghton in the Waikato. Why have one backyard when you can have three? And then Jools' horses around with the musterers at Molesworth station, while Lynda gets well fed in the kitchen. 

Useful Links: Wairere Nursery

EPISODE EIGHT - FOR THE LOVE OF ORGANIC - Click here to watch Episode Eight on Demand

Lynda and Jools meet Josje Neerincx and Frank van Steensel of Wairarapa EcoFarm who grow the tastiest organic vegetables in the universe, then from land to sea, they head down to Paeora to learn how seaweed is saving the earth. Agrisea, it's the way of the future. And then Lynda and Jools are back in the milking shed with the Perrett family ! It’s been a long 30 years but we haven't lost our touch. You can't beat a teet!

Useful Links: Wairarapa Eco Farm / Agrisea NZ Ltd

EPISODE NINE - FOR THE LOVE OF THE BUSH - Click here to watch Episode Nine on Demand

Lynda and Jools go deep into the kiwi bushlands. First up, they are at Hurunui Jacks with Maureen Spencer and John Plows learning the new way of camping – GLAMPING. Then move over Bear Grills, we meet Josh the Kiwi Bushman. He's about to become a world wide TV phenomenon and we end with a delicious meal of Koura with a very passionate park ranger Jason Duff and his whanau in the Waitakere Ranges.

Useful Links: Hurunui Jacks / Josh the Bushman

EPISODE TEN - FOR THE LOVE OF DECADENCE - Click here to watch Episode Ten on Demand

Lynda and Jools go sniffing around for the greatest decadence known to man and woman with Alland Lynley Hall of Oakland Truffiere then the sea serves up a whole lot of adventure and we get to feed and be fed on the shores of Gisborne's Tatapouri Bay with Chris and Dean Savage before we put our heart into chocolat. Sweet, silky, smooth swiss chocolate… It’s the best in the world!

Useful Links: Swiss Bliss / Dive Tatapouri /Oakland Truffiere